Jan 13 2022:  With combined standing and seating, our criteria provides 1 person per 2 sq metres.

This equals 32 in the clubroom, 30 on the veranda and 1000 on the course.

4 August: Competition & coaching can resume Thursday, 5 August. However, in all indoor areas masks are required. At outdoor sports, all spectators are required to wear masks.

27 July: While Level 5 restrictions are being lifted, sport is likely to only be able to resume for practice - no competition or coaching until Sunday, 8 August. As further information is received, an update will be provided here.

20 July: 7-day Stay at Home Orders apply from 6.00 pm, so THE CLUB IS CLOSED until at least 27 July.

19 July: The impacts for sport have been published.

The Level 4 requirements restrict:...

Fitness or recreation activities:

  • Indoor facilities closed
  • No team, club or competitive sport

Therefore, the Club is CLOSED, until further notice. It is expected an update may be provided on Friday..

28 June: New restrictions from today (at this stage for 7 days) that apply to the Club's premises.

  • A maximum density of one person per two-square-metres at licensed premises
  • A ban on drinking alcohol while standing indoors at licensed venues