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Welcome to EDEN!

Our Club's official shoots are held on Saturday afternons. (Members have access seven days a week.)

EFA is the longest continously operating field archery Club in SA and prides itself on its family-friendly, relaxed and inclusive environment.

Our field course comprises 15+ permanent butts, with extra butts used for target rounds, coaching and practice.

Our unique venue is set within a stunning natural bushland setting. The course is bisected by Viaduct Creek. An array of birdlife, and other local fauna continue to inhabit the remnant greybox grassy woodland of this slice of the park.  

Importantly, our Club supports the work of the Friends of Shepherds Hill Recreation Park: a volunteer group helping to restore this beautiful woodland.

Our Club is aligned with World Archery, and is affiliated with Archery Australia and ARCHERY South Australia.

Eden & the AllianceTournaments are hosted by EDEN for ARCHERY SA/Archery Australia members. If you are affiliated and an Archery Alliance member (member of ABA, 3DAAA or TAA), you can join us to experience the quintessential field shoot.

EDEN has played host to a variety of events including the 1954 National Archery Championships. The inaugural Archery Australia Junior National Championships were delivered in 1978. EDEN hosted events for the Australian Masters Games in 1989, 1999, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019 and 2023. It also was the venue of one of the archery events of the World Police and Fire Games in 2007.

Come and join us, in an amazing place.

Park Closures

Fires are a part of our environment. On days when extreme fire danger issued by the CFS, DEW may close some (or all) of the national parks or reserves in the interest of public safety. Parks and reserves may also be closed because of a prescribed burn or other fire management works (such as slashing).

To see whether the Shepherds Hill Recreation Park is closed, its pays to CHECK HERE first, to avoid disappointment.

And the Club's Hot Weather Policy is:

If the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 36 degrees C or higher, the 1.30 pm shooting time will change to 2.30 pm.

If the Fire Danger Rating for the Mt Lofty Ranges is forecast as Extreme or Catastrophic, the Club is closed. Irrespective, (or in addition) the Shepherds Hill Recreation Park could be closed (even with a reduced Fire Danger Rating) because of a Total Fire Ban. The programmed event will be postponed or abandoned. (To check for current Park Closures, see the National Parks SA site).

The Shepherds Hill Recreation Park is entirely within the


World ArcheryArchery AustraliaARCHERY SA

Latest News

Ladies Day Shoot at Eden Field Archers March 3 2024


Come along to EFA  'Ladies Day'. Let's get together as South Australia's female archers for a fun day of Field Shooting Sunday 3 March 2024


Practice begins at 10:00am followed by official 'welcome' at 10:30am

SHOOT- 10:45AM

Options are

  • World Archery 12-Target Field Round
  • Modified shorter distance 12-Target Field Round
  • 'Come and Try' session (email us at the Club)


At the conclusion of the shoot, lunch, award presentation and photos


$15 covers all costs for the day 

We are honoured to be a Green Adelaide Grassroots Grants Recipient (2020/2021)

Green Adelaide